You are a company analyst responsible for recommending whether to invest in a ce

You are a company analyst responsible for recommending whether to invest in a certain a stock. Choose an S&P 500 company to analyze and prepare a report with your recommendation based on the following outline: a)      Executive Summary (1 Page Max) a.       Key Points From Analysis b.      Recommendation (Buy, Sell, or Hold) c.       Support for Recommendation b)      Company Overview – S.W.O.T Analysis (2 Pages Max) a.       Management b.      Market c.       Lines of Business d.      Growth Strategy e.      Competition c)       Financial Statement Analysis & Comparison (2 Pages Max) a.       Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, and Stockholders’ Equity b.      Compare over 3 years and standardize using percentages and differences d)      Ratio Calculation, Analysis, and Comparison (1 Page Max) a.       Calculate company ratios from each of the five 5 different categories b.      Perform a trend analysis for company over past three years e)       Equity Analysis (1 Page Max) a.       Review stock characteristics such as Market Cap, P/E, EPS, Dividend Yield, Beta, Etc b.      Use yahoo finance to compare market value, analyst recommendations, competitors, etc. f)      Appendices (No limit to number of pages) a.       Includes any charts, tables, graphs, and calculations. b.      Templates will be provided for the following: i.      Financial Statement Analysis ii.      Ratio Analysis iii.      Equity Analysis Grading based on the following categories… Presentation Executive Summary Analysis and Appendices