Write a formal essay for an academic audience made up of your instructor and you

Write a formal essay for an academic audience made up of your instructor and your peers. Use a passive construction (that is, don’t use “I,” even though you will be stating your opinion). Keep in mind that, no matter your option choice, your paper must make a strong and supported argument, must carefully consider opposing perspectives, and must include a research component. Your paper should be: · 5-7 pages long · double-spaced, with standard margins · in Times New Roman font (12 point) · proofread for typos and grammatical errors And should include:   · At least three properly-integrated quotations, from at least three legitimate sources (cited in MLA style) · Works Cited page in MLA format In class, we briefly discussed a number of notable examples of cultural appropriation, including those of the Elgin Marbles and the Rosetta Stone. Although these artifacts are an important part of the cultural heritage of Greece and Egypt, respectively, both have been made into very public symbols of the British Empire.   As mentioned, many people of Athens would like to have the marbles returned to them, and many people of Egypt would like to have the stone returned to them. Therefore, argue: ·        Should the Elgin Marbles be returned to Greece OR should the Rosetta Stone be returned to Egypt? Why or why not? ·        What is the opposing viewpoint? (or, if there are several other perspectives, feel free to address each) And how would you respond to this opposing viewpoint? Tips for writing paper option one: In order to write about this option, you will need to establish the history of the artifacts themselves, as well as the history of the debate regarding them. You will need to cite legitimate sources for this (books and articles). I would also very strongly recommend citing sources that argue for one side or the other of your argument. A useful place to begin when researching this particular paper? The New York Times (and other newspapers/periodicals). The file that l attach is an example of how the essay should look like.