Watch a health related documentary (suggestions below) and submit a minimum 250-

Watch a health related documentary (suggestions below) and submit a minimum 250-word double spaced essay about the documentary. Please use APA or MLA formatting. Submissions without proper essay form will not receive ANY credit.

Essays must include:

What issue(s) the documentary is addressing.
Arguments, or points made, about the issue(s).
Any biases, or perspectives that may be influencing the film’s content (such as political one-sidedness)
Any counter criticism (that you can find online) to the documentary.
Your personal opinion of the documentary and if the documentary has motivated any change for you.

Documentary suggestions (you can choose others if related to health):
Supersize Me
Forks Over Knives
Food, Inc.
What the Health
The Sugar Film
Fed Up
King Corn
More than Honey
Fat Head
A Place at the Table

I need an A worth a lot in this class.