To download this document: Reading Response.docWhat it isWhen experienced writer

To download this document: Reading Response.docWhat it isWhen experienced writers are asked to give beginning writers advice on how to improve their writing, the experienced writers almost always give the same advice: read, read, read. You can’t develop your writing skills and knowledge without reading literature, and even more importantly, reading literature with a writer’s eye. Reading literature with a writer’s eye means reading for craft, that is, reading to observe how stories and poems are constructed, and whyauthors make the choices they do in constructing their work. The reading response assignment will give you the opportunity to practice reading like a writer, and to apply your skills and knowledge in writing craft to a story or poem of your choosing from our reading list.What to doChoose: one story, OR one poem, OR 2-3 related poems from the list at the end of this document that you’d like to write about. If you choose work that we’ve already discussed in this class, be sure you don’t simply repeat ideas and insights from those previous discussions. Come up with something new.Next, carefully craft a thoughtful, detailed, insightful 3-4 page response to the items listed below. Use the knowledge you’ve developed about writing craft to practice reading like a writer, and teaching yourself about literary craft through your reading and response-writing. Your response is a formal essay, not a freewriting exercise or a simple Q&A. Pay attention to things like organization, focus, coherency, spelling/grammar, etc.Items to address:Exploring Personal Connections: one brief paragraphExploring Craft: 2-3 pagesDrawing Conclusions: 1-2 detailed paragraphsGradingList of works to choose from:Alexie-Lone Ranger.pdf (fiction; The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven)cummings-herbert.doc (poetry; e.e. cummings, George Herbert)Faulkner-A Rose for Emily.pdf (fiction)Marquez-Wings.doc (fiction; A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings)Gilman-The Yellow Wallpaper.pdf (fiction)Glaspell-A Jury of Her Peers.pdf (fiction)Gluck-Terminal Resemblance.pdf (poetry)Gordimer-Is There Nowhere Else Where We Can Meet-1.pdf (fiction)Hughes-The Negro Speaks of Rivers-1.pdf (poetry)LeGuin – Omelas.doc (fiction; The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas)Lorde-Hanging Fire-1.pdf (poetry)Oates.pdf (fiction; Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?)Piercy-Purse.pdf (poetry; It Ain’t Heavy, It’s My Purse)Plath-Mirror.pdf (poetry; Mirror)Updike A-P.doc (fiction; A&P)