The purpose of this project is to analyze a contemporary case of organizational 

The purpose of this project is to analyze a contemporary case of organizational intercultural communications failure. You will choose a real life case study where an inability to communicate clearly across borders (or cultural sub-groups within the home market) resulted in embarrassment, lost revenues, public outcry, or government intervention. The 4-page analysis (double spaced; 12pt font; APA format references on separate page) should focus heavily on the intercultural theory aspects of the situation.

Your analysis should include:
Introductory statement of the problem (brief, one sentence)
Description of the problem in detail
Analysis of the intercultural theory implications using references from textbook, and ideally some outside readings (important for high grade !)
How you would have handled the situation differently
Recent situations that have been analyzed by previous classes include but are not limited to:

BP – Gulf Oil Spill
Toyota – Braking Problems
Google in China
Japanese Government – Tsunami Nuclear Disaster
Vatican – Child Molestation
Walmart launch in Germany or China
You are strongly encouraged to select another case of your own choosing as new thinking and creativity earn extra points and higher grades. Again, if you choose one of the pieces above the grading bar will be set higher than if you post something new and original, simply because I’ve already read dozens of papers using these failure cases.

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