Task: You must develop and write about a Data collection Platform. The platform

Task: You must develop and write about a Data collection Platform. The platform needs to developed using Microsoft Excel.The report should be written in appropriate business language so that your analysis and discussion have an objective tone. Your writing should be clear and concise and be in your own words. Use headings to guide the reader and include tables or diagrams that make the case clearer.Aim: To present a Data collection Platform based on the selected organisation’s outward- facing dashboards, websites, or mobile apps.Select one of your organization’s outward-facing dashboards, websites, or mobile apps. If not something from your organization, then select a website or dashboard that you use regularly. That might include something from your bank, credit card provider, cellular provider, or utility company. Grab a few screen captures of the dashboard or website.Think through how you as the user use this dashboard, website, or mobile to make decisions. Write down those decisions that you try to make from the website. For example, from your utility, you might want to make decisions about energy and water consumption, your waste/garbage plan, and maybe even whichof the different appliance rebates you might want to consider.Next, add a recommendations panel that has suggestions for each of the decisions that you captured in Step 2. For our utility example, one recommendation might be “Only water 3 days a week from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. to save approximately $12.50 per month on your monthly waterbill.” Or another recommendation might be “Replace your existing dryer with a more efficient model like the Samsung DV 457 to save $21.75 on your monthly energy bill.”Finally, identify potential external data sources that might provide some interesting perspectives that could be used to guide your key decisions. For our utility example, you might want to consider integrating local solar energy costs (to determine if solarenergy is a feasible energy option) or weather forecasts (to see if you can reduce lawn watering)The report must be of 1,500 words in length excluding references. The referencing style must follow the Harvard referencing style.