Seegal Supply Company recently changed its system of internal control over its p

Seegal Supply Company recently changed its system of internal control over its purchasing operations and cash payments to make the system more efficient. One employee is now responsible for both purchasing and receiving. For each purchase, that individual matches the purchase order with the receiving report and the supplier's invoice. The invoice is approved for payment by this individual and sent to the accounting department. All cheques are pre-numbered and kept in a safe in the controller's office. The combination to the safe is know only be the controller, his assistant, and the company owner. Since the Bank has never made mistake with the account , the cheque number are not tracked. The controller prepares all of the cheques and all of the journal entries. All cheques must be signed by the company owner, Stephanie Seegal. After the owner has signh the cheque, the controller stamps the invoice paid and has his assistance file the invoice and post the journal entry. Whenever the owner is going to be away for serval days, she will leave signed blank cheques in the safe for the controller. The contoller prepares the monthly bank reconciliation. Every month he finds at least three cheques that have clered the bank but have not been recorded by the company, These cheques are always properly signed by the owner. When the controller first started working for the company, he would ask the owner about the cheques. These cheques were always for the owner's personal expenses, so now he always records those cheques as owner's drawings when doing the bank reconciliation. a) Identify the control weaknesses cash payments b)What changes should be made to improve the internal control over cash payments?