Math 1293 Mathematical Modelling and Decision Analysis – Assignment 4

Math 1293 Mathematical Modelling and Decision Analysis – Assignment 4 We have so far seen many applications of decision trees in our course discussions. This assignment aims to give you an opportunity to use your learnings in a practical context. You are expected to identify and solve a practical problem using a decision tree. This might be related to your work, personal life, or something that you are passionate about. There clearly are no boundaries to where you can make use of these tools so there are no rules about the choice of your problem. If you have issues accessing/collecting/using real data, you can use randomised real data, or generate your own problem instances to solve. We will assess you on the choice of problem to make sure that you put good effort into identifying an interesting problem rather than using a textbook example. As a part of this assignment, you are expected to i) describe your problem in detail, and explain your motivation in choosing this particular problem ii) model your problem using Analytic Solver Platform in Excel, using Silver decisions online, or any other tool available to you. iii) discuss your results in terms of their meaning The following rubric will be used to assess your assignment; Not acceptable (1) Needs Improvement (5) Meets Expectations (8) Exceptional (10) Problem choice (10%) The choice of problem is not suitable for this assignment. Decision tree does not fit well to the requirements of the problem at hand. A better problem might have been chosen. The problem chosen might be too simple to show the mastery in modelling and implementation. The problem choice meets expectations. The problem chosen is all right for the purposes of this assignment but it is not very original and feels like a textbook question. A really good choice of problem. A very original problem which allows you to demonstrate your modelling and implementation skills to their full extent. Problem description (10%) The problem is not described clearly. The problem could have been explained more clearly. The model is explained properly. The model is explained exceptionally well. Assignment 4 1 of 3 13/10/19, 10:22 am The parameters, and requirements are not presented clearly. Key information regarding the problem is missing. There is nothing missing in the description but it might have included a higher level of detail to better explain the problem. Everything is very clear thanks to the complete and detailed description. Model & Software Implementation (60%) The model implementation using software has major issues. The computer model does not work or give meaningful answers. The model implementation using software has minor issues. The computer model may be producing results that are not completely correct but are relatively close. The model implementation using software does not have any issues and return the right answers. The implementation might have been better in terms of the layout and presentation. The model implementation using software is exceptionally good. One can easily understand the model implementation thanks to appropriate use of colours, texts, and layout. Analysis & interpretation of results (20%) The analysis of results is not sufficient. Key analysis regarding various inputs and outputs is missing. The analysis of results could have been more detailed. There is very limited discussion of the results, and some key discussion of inputs and output is missing. The analysis of results meets the expectations. There is good discussion of results but the analysis is not complete and missing a key discussion regarding one of the outputs. The analysis of results are exceptionally well. The analysis/ interpretation is complete and covers all results. A report consisting of at most 3 A4 pages saved as a Word document, and a separate Excel file including your model and results are expected to be submitted online. You need to submit the report using Turnitin and the Excel file (optional if you are using an online tool) separately using the assessment submission tool under our Blackboard course shell by 27th October 2019 Assignment 4 2 of 3 13/10/19, 10:22 am This tool needs to be loaded in a new browser window 11:59pm. Note that you will only be given a single attempt to complete these tasks.