Introductory Biology1. If one side of a DNA molecule is TAC CCA GCC TTA ACT AAG,

Introductory Biology1. If one side of a DNA molecule is TAC CCA GCC TTA ACT AAG, the other side of the DNA molecule would be )list the letters in order with a space between each 3 letters. (Points : 1)Question 2.2. If a DNA molecule template is TAC CCA GCC TTA ACT AAG, the mRNA that would form from this template would begin with what codon? Show the first codon only. (Points : 1)Question 3.3. When DNA assimilates a mRNA chain, it is known as ___. (Points : 1)Question 4.4. What do you expect to happen immeditately after DNA codes the mRNA? (Points : 1)The mRNA becomes a protein.The mRNA leaves the nucleus to begin translation at a ribosome.tRNA brings the amino acids to the nucleus to begin protein synthesis.The mRNA leaves the nucleus and goes to the Golgi body to be transformed.Question 5.5. If mRNA is AUG AUU CCU AAA UGA UGG, the tRNA formed would be: (Points : 1)TAC TAA GGA TTT ACT ACCAUC UAA GGA UUU UCA UCCTAC TAA GGA TTT ACT ACCUAC UAA GGA UUU ACU ACCQuestion 6.6. What is carried by tRNA? (Points : 1)codonsamino acidsribosomesbase pairsQuestion 7.7. The 3 base pairs of mRNA which indicate a specific amino acid are called the __. (Points : 1)Question 8.8. The polypeptide formed from this sequence of mRNA AUG GUU ACU CAA UGA UGU, would be (Points : 1)methionine, valine, threonine, glutaminemethionine, alanine, seronine, glutamine, threonine, threoninemethionine, alanine, thereonine, glutamine, stop, cysteinetyrosine, glutamine, stopmore than one is correctQuestion 9.9. How does the mRNA molecule contrast the DNA molecule? (Points : 2)1. Which of the following wouldl not be true of a cell that undergoes meiosis (Points : 1)the daughter cells have different genesthe daughter cells have genes identical to those of the mother cell that produced themthe daughter cells have different genes, each getting 1/2 the mother cellҀ™s genesthere is an exact duplication and division of daughter cell DNAQuestion 2.2. In mitosis, if a parent cell has 46 chromosomes, each daughter cell will have how many chromosomes? (Points : 1)92462312Question 3.3. Sister chromatids are? (Points : 1)pairs of chromosomes, one from each parentHave one set of genes from the daughter cell, one from the mother cellthe same as homologous chromosomes”copies” of a chromosome going thru divisionQuestion 4.4. Cells with reduced number of chromosomes, 1/2 the parent cell are known as __ (Points : 1)polyploidsdiploidhaploidtriploidtetraploidQuestion 5.5. The chromosomes and genes are actually replicated during this phase of cell division. (Points : 1)anaphasemetaphaseinterphaseprophasetelophaseQuestion 6.6. The chromosomes are aligned at the spindle equator during (Points : 1)anapahsemetaphaseprophasetelophaseinterphaseQuestion 7.7. The chromosomes detach from one another and become visibly separated during (Points : 1)anapahsemetaphaseprophasetelophaseinterphaseQuestion 8.8. The nuclear membranes reform during (Points : 1)anapahsemetaphaseprophasetelophaseinterphaseQuestion 9.9. If a parent cell has 28 chromosomes and undergoes meiosis, the resulting cells will have how many chromosomes? (Points : 1)56281474Question 10.10. Which of the following would you expect to have cells undergo meiosis? (Points : 1)skinplant leavesOvaries of plant flowersmucles cellsbacteria1. In the bonding of nitrogenous bases in DNA (Points : 1)adenine is paried with thymineadenine is paired with guaninecytosine is paired with thymineguracil is paired with adeninetwo of the above are correctQuestion 2.2. High energy phosphate bonds connect (Points : 1)purines and pyrimidinesnitrogen containing bases of nucleotidesnucleotides of the sides of DNA moleculeadenine and thymineQuestion 3.3. The RNA moleucle is usually made up of how many strands? (Points : 1)1236Question 4.4. What is the form of RNA that carries amino acids to the site where the protein is assembled? (Points : 1)messenger RNAnuclear RNAribosomal RNAtransfer RNAQuestion 5.5. Which of the following describes the process of DNA coding mRNA? (Points : 1)duplicationtranslationtranscriptoncentral dogmamore than one of theseQuestion 6.6. Which of the following is true of RNA compared with DNA (Points : 1)RNA is double stranded, DNA single strandedRNA has the base uracil in place of the thymine in DNARNA has the base uracil in place of the DNA base adenineRNA contains the sugar deoxyribose while DNAn contains the sugar riboseguanineQuestion 7.7. If the DNA triplets were TAC,CAG the mRNA codons would be (Points : 1)UAC, CAGCAG,TACATG,GTCAUG,GUCUAC, CCAQuestion 8.8. A peptide bond is between (Points : 1)the amino group of one amino acid with the oxygen of the next amino acidNitrogen of one amino acid with the amino group of the next amino acidthe acid portion of one amino acid the the amino group of the next amino acida bond between to amino groupsa bond between to carboxyl acidsQuestion 9.9. A protein of 10 amino acids would have to have at minimum how many nucleotides? (Points : 1)3106030unliminted numbersQuestion 10.10. A change in the nucleotide sequence of DNA, like A for a T for example, (Points : 1)is a gene mutationcan only occur in high radiation conditionshas been known to occur in bacteria and plants but not animalsWill always result in a change of amino acid sequence.more than one of these are true