I need rephrasing for the following paragraph please:In the new booming industri

I need rephrasing for the following paragraph please:In the new booming industrial world, it has become common to learn about new scientific fields that either come from sub-science discipline, or from combining two or more different scientific disciplines forming a new field that studies the relationships between the primary sciences.For example: under the big umbrella of Biological Sciences, we find various sub-sciences such as biotechnology, molecular biology, microbiologyҀ¦ etc. while a combination of biology and physics would be biophysics, or a combination of biology, geology, and chemistry would be biogeochemistry.Some of the disciplines have lost their scientific scopes and scales, as for non-specialists it is hard to distinguish between the too many interdisciplinary scientific terms. Many of the terms are being mixed, and sometimes different terms and definitions are being used as synonymous, which leads to a serious misunderstanding of these terms and definitions.From this point the necessity rose to have a closer look on some of the scientific disciplines which will be discussed later throughout this Meta research. It is very important to sit a base of understanding for which terms will be used and analyzed later on.This research paper is meant to give a clear view on a new emerging scientific discipline: Biomimetics and make a distinct differentiation with Bio-inspiration in general, as well as their specific functions and process. To be able to do so, we will have closer look at the component of those disciplines, their methodology and final products.The research takes case studies into consideration, where both concepts will be analyzed throughout their applications.This study meant to link both aspects together, investigate the current situation, and finally search for further niche for better use of both terms and their meaning.