HSA 530 WEEK 7 QUIZ 3  ·         Question 1       Which of the follow

HSA 530 WEEK 7 QUIZ 3  ·         Question 1       Which of the following is true?                     ·         Question 2       In terms of preventing violence in the workplace, which of the following is not true for supervisors?                     ·         Question 3       Which of the following is not true about employee searches?                     ·         Question 4       Supervisors are entitled to maintain secret files on selected individuals.                     ·         Question 5       The frequently occurring delay between the time an offer of employment is accepted and the individual starts work exists because:                     ·         Question 6       A department manager’s most active and potentially most helpful involvement in reference requests concerning a former employee should be:                     ·         Question 7       A significant role of the position description in the recruiting process is:                     ·         Question 8       As compared with recruitment by transfer or promotion from within the organization, recruitment for an especially desirable position from outside of the organization:                     ·         Question 9       Supervisors must ensure that all employees in their departments have copies of or ready access to the current handbook.                     ·         Question 10       Employee records can be kept by any employee with supervisory responsibilities.                     ·         Question 11       Under the rules of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), records of any personal or environmental monitoring of exposure to hazardous materials can be discarded after 3 years.                     ·         Question 12       Which of the following should always be true for supervisors who maintain personnel files on their own employees?                     ·         Question 13       In appropriately addressing employee absenteeism, a department manager should:                     ·         Question 14       Many first-line managers fail to deal with problem employee behavior because of their discomfort with traditional disciplinary processes and their hesitancy to criticize others.                     ·         Question 15       Concerning documentation of most occurrences of disciplinary action:                     ·         Question 16       When using the progressive discipline process, department managers should:                     ·         Question 17       The civil service classification system is a process that:                     ·         Question 18       Under civil service, disciplinary procedures:                     ·         Question 19       The hiring process for individuals seeking employment at state and local health care organizations covered by civil service:                     ·         Question 20       Under a civil service system virtually every employee is permanently protected from layoff.                     ·         Question 21       During the early minutes of an interview, the interviewing manager should:                     ·         Question 22       Concerning an applicant that was interviewed but not selected for the open position, if the individual telephones the interviewer directly and wants to know why he or she was not chosen, the interviewer should:                     ·         Question 23       The interviewing manager should always rely on the employment recruiter to address apparent gaps in an applicant’s employment history.                     ·         Question 24       In preparing to interview a job applicant, the department manager should: