HR Research & Evaluation Choose an HR issue in your own workplace (or a hypothet

HR Research & Evaluation Choose an HR issue in your own workplace (or a hypothetical issue) that you may wish to conduct research or evaluation on. Answer the following questions: ? Research Question: Identify the specific research question (and sub-questions if relevant) you wish to explore. ? Method: Discuss what would be the most appropriate method for conducting such research, i.e. qualitative versus quantitative, or a combination of both, and why. ? Research Techniques: Discuss what research techniques for collecting data would you use and why. ? Literature Search: Find two academic journal articles relating to your research topic and analyse and discuss them in relation to the above points. Important Notes: Please remember to incorporate relevant theory and concepts from this unit in your analysis. Please note that no extensions will be granted for this assignment given it is due at the start of the exam period. Guidelines ? This assignment is compulsory to submit. Failure to submit by the due date (or the revised extension date granted) can result in the grade of NI – Fail Incomplete. ? Please remain within the word range 1800 – 2200 words. Headings, references, reference list, cover page and appendices do not form part of the word count. ? Use the assignment 3 template as a guide on how to structure your assignment – found in the assignment 3 resources page. This also contains guidance, sample and exemplar assignments (from previous years). ? Please use the APA style of referencing and rovide a reference list at the end of the assignment. Consult the Academic Skills Office’s APA reference guide for examples and guidance. ? Your assignment will be marked using two criteria: quality of presentation/expression (10 marks); and conceptual analysis (40 marks), for a total of 50 marks. Your mark will be converted to a mark out of 100 and reported on Moodle accordingly.