Graphs/Tables and Results After the experiment has been conducted and the data h

Graphs/Tables and Results After the experiment has been conducted and the data has been collected and analyzed, the researcher must utilize tables and figures to effectively relay the results of the study. Begin this assignment by reading the “How Do I Write the…Results,” “How Do I…Reporting Statistical Results,” and “How Do I…Tables and Figures” articles as listed in your required readings. Then, read the scientific journal article from Laurance, Albernaz, and Costa (2001) paying particular attention to how the results section is written. Additionally, before beginning to present information, watch the “How to Make a Bar Graph in Excel (Scientific data),” and “Excel 2010 Scatter Diagram with Trendline” videos on YouTube. Now assume that you completed a study testing the effects of agricultural cultivation on water quality in adjacent streams. Based on the results of these experiments (simulated data can be found below) you are to construct an X, Y scatterplot with a trendline, a bar graph, and a table. All tables and figures should contain legends, headings, titles, footnotes, etc as shown in this week- readings and videos. Then, you are then to write a two- to four-page results section utilizing the data provided and the tables and figures that you produced. You should use the knowledge learned through this week- readings to formulate an accurate and concise results section. You do not need to run any statistical analyses, however, you should utilize the p value data to determine significance. Reading through the results sections of the paper by Laurance, Albernaz, and Costa (2001) should provide you with a strong example of how a results section should be written. Your paper must be formatted according to APA (6th ed.) style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.