GEO 207 WEEK 6 QUIZ 1 The country located immediately northwest of India is: a.

GEO 207 WEEK 6 QUIZ 1 The country located immediately northwest of India is: a. Iran b. Kashmir c. Bangladesh d. Afghanistan e. Pakistan 2. The major river of Pakistan is the: a. Tigris b. Ganges c. Brahmaputra d. Indus e. Irrawaddy 3. The area known as the “land of the five rivers” is: a. the Double Delta b. Asom c. the Eastern Ghats d. Bangladesh e. Punjab 4. The caste system is most associated with which of the following religions: a. Mauryanism b. Islam c. Buddhism d. Hinduism e. Sanskrit 5. The power that massively penetrated India from the west in the tenth century AD was: a. Buddhism b. the first surge of Hinduism c. Islam d. Chinese e. British imperialism 6. Which of the following is not located in Pakistan? a. Deccan Plateau b. Sind c. Punjab d. Islamabad e. Waziristan 7. The irredentist movement in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan is based on cultural affiliations with the neighboring country of: a. Iran b. Afghanistan c. Kashmir d. Bangladesh e. India 8. In India, a leading centripetal force has been: a. Hinduism b. Muslim-Sikh relations c. the recent adoption of a single, nationwide lingua franca d. the Naxalite movement e. the communist insurgency 9. China's total area is: a. much larger than that of the United States b. slightly larger than that of the United States c. slightly smaller than that of the United States d. much smaller than that of the United States e. none of the above 10. The North China Plain is dominated by the: a. lower Huang He b. Loess Plateau c. city of Shanghai d. Pearl River estuary e. Ordos Desert 11. The main river serving the hinterland of Shanghai is the: a. Xi/Pearl b. Huang He c. Chang-Yangzi d. Amur e. Songhua 12. Which of the following is not located in China's Northeast: a. Liao River b. Xi River c. Harbin d. Songhua River e. Amur River 13. The emerging economic region of China, driven by forces of globalization, is: a. the Sichuan Basin b. Shenzhen c. the Pacific Rim d. Hainan Island e. the Jakota Triangle 14. Which of the following has not been important in the development of Shenzhen as an SEZ? a. proximity to Hong Kong b. the socialist economic principles applied by the Chinese government to its development c. state-of-the-art port facilities d. investment of Overseas Chinese in its development e. the fastest urban growth rate in human history 15. A former Portuguese colony that is the newest state in Southeast Asia is: a. Macau b. Singapore c. Brunei d. Papua New Guinea e. East Timor 16. Half of Southeast Asia's population lives in which two countries? a. Indonesia and Vietnam b. Indonesia and the Philippines c. Vietnam and the Philippines d. Malaysia and Myanmar e. Indonesia and Thailand 17. Which of the following countries was once part of British India? a. Singapore b. Sumatera (Sumatra) c. Myanmar (Burma) d. Malaysia e. Thailand 18. The first stage in boundary evolution is: a. mapping b. definition c. delimitation d. demarcation e. superimposition 19. The concept that indicates that destabilization in one area will eventually affect neighboring areas is known as the: a. Vietnam syndrome b. organic theory c. buffer theory d. domino theory e. fragmentation model 20. The colonial power that lost the battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954 was: a. the United States b. Portugal c. France d. Japan e. the United Kingdom