GEO 207 WEEK 4 Knowledge Check Global Geography Match the Key Term with the prop

GEO 207 WEEK 4 Knowledge Check Global Geography Match the Key Term with the proper definition 1. American Manufacturing Belt 1. Cultural borrowing and two-way exchanges that occur when different cultures of approximately equal complexity and technological level come into close contact. 2. Urban realms model 2. A set of islands grouped closely together, usually elongated into a chain. 3. Physiographic province 3. A spatial generalization of the contemporary large American city. 4. Archipelago 4. In Andean South America, the highest-lying habitable altitudinal zone between the tree line and the snow line. 5. Maquiladora 5. North America's near-rectangular Core Region whose corners are Boston, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Baltimore. 6. Tierra helada 6. The term given to modern industrial plants in Mexico's U.S. border zone. These foreign-owned factories assemble imported components and/or raw materials, and then export finished manufactures, mainly to the United States. 7. Transculturation 7. The Griffin-Ford model of intraurban spatioal structure in the Middle American and South American realms. 8. Insurgent state 8. Political boundaries that coincide with prominent physical features in the natural landscape–such as rivers or the crest ridges of mountain ranges. 9. Rural-to-urban migration 9. The dominant migration flow from countryside to city that continues to transform the world's population, most notably in the less advantaged geographic realms. 10. Latin American city model 10. Territorial embodiment of a successful guerilla movement. The establishment by antigovernment insurgents of a territorial base in which they exercise full control; thus a state within a state.