FINANCIAL FRAUDS The U S Attorney General has stated To those who see victimizat

FINANCIAL FRAUDS The U S Attorney General has stated To those who see victimization of others as an avenue to wealth, take notice If you fabricate a financial statement, if you propagate an investment scheme, if you are complicit in an act of financial fraud, you are writing your ticket to jail.ΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ‚Β——————————————————————-Part I **Deliverable Length: 600-800 words APA format w/ references** Provide a brief description of each of the financial crimes listed below, and explain how banks are used as the intermediaries in these frauds: (1)Mortgage fraud (2)Government bailout fraud (3)Securities fraud (such as insider trading ) (4)Fraud resulting from the economic stimulus program (5)High-tech fraud, such as payment cards (6)Money laundering (7)Intellectual property rights crime (8)Spam (9)Counterfeit currency (10)Counterfeit security documents (11)Nigerian financial schemes (12)Lottery fraud (13)Tax avoidance (14)Offshore investment schemes (15)Kiting ——————————-Part II **Deliverable Length: 900-1,200 words APA format w/ references** Research and identify 2 international fraud cases and 2 domestic fraud cases, and provide a detailed analysis of each case. Note: Each case must involve a different type of financial fraud taken from the list given in Part I. In your analysis, include an evaluation of the following questions: (1)How do banks uncover these types of crimes? (2)What regulations have been enacted to ensure that banks are cooperating with authorities to trace financial criminals domestically and internationally? (3)Be sure to include which regulatory body enforced the regulation. (4)What deterrents do the regulatory bodies use to ensure the cooperation of financial institutions?