Final Exam Part 2 – due Sunday Please answer all ten questions listed below. Eac

Final Exam Part 2 – due Sunday Please answer all ten questions listed below. Each response should contain 250-300 words with sufficient detail to answer the question completely. A one or two sentence response will result in no points! A minimum of at least one (1) scholarly source other than your textbook is required for EACH question, with a total of a minimum of five (5) references. All references used must be properly cited in APA format. These responses must be in YOUR OWN WORDS! Do not copy and paste answers from the lesson material or verbatim from your book. Your answers will be checked for plagiarism. In addition, please be sure to thoroughly proofread your work for grammatical and spelling errors. 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of group decision making? Explain the rationale for choosing group decision making over individual decision making. 2. Identify the elements of the communication model and provide an example of each. How might each of these elements effect the organization as a whole? 3. Explain the differences between Type A and Type B personalities. How does personality type affect reactions to stress? Why is this important? 4. Define performance, indicating how performance can be evaluated, and mention attributes of a good performance appraisal system. Why is performance appraisal important in an organization? 5. Explain the concepts of positive stress and negative stress. How are they different? How might stress be both beneficial and detrimental to an organization? 6. Identify and explain barriers to social perception. How can these barriers be overcome? Why is social perception valuable in an organization? 7. Describe American business culture using Hofstede- dimensions of cultural differences. How is American business culture different from other nationsΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β€žΒ’ business cultures? How might these differences affect globalization? 8. How is McGregor- Theory Y different from his Theory X? Is Theory Y more appropriate than Theory X given today- issues in managing organizational behavior? 9. Why is organizational political behavior important to study and understand? What effects does it have on organizational behavior? 10. Identify ways of preventing or alleviating intergroup conflict within the organization? Why would managers want to alleviate intergroup conflict? Why might they not? Include a conclusion page with references from the peer-viewed journal articles. Make sure you include the reference page, volume number, the name of the article.