simply assign NULL terminator to s[sINdx + 1]Example: ” and ‘n’ –> ‘n’ and ‘’ */if (s[sINDX + 2] == ‘’) {s[sINDX + 1] = ‘’;} else {/* If we still have some characters after the whitespace charactersshift all characters starting from sINDX+1 until the end of the stringExample: ” and ‘n’ and ‘a’ –> ‘n’ and ‘a’ */for (int i = sINDX+1; is[i] = s[i + 1];}}}// If not whitespace characters

I am in a process of building an operating shell.I have to implement background and foreground execution, memory cleanup, and environment management. Please, help me with it.I. Process environment is a collection of environmental variables that can be used to pass information from the parent to a child. An environmental variable can be set with […]