4 pages Select two countries from very different cultural contexts  other than y

4 pages
Select two countries from very different cultural contexts  other than your own native country.
For example: I’m choosing to analyze China and France, since I’m America and can’t choose my home culture/country. A helpful tool can be found at https://www.hofstede-insights.com/product/compare-countries/
In your primary discussion post please describe 5 key challenges that could be expected in a business or government negotiation between these  two countries/cultures. Keep you posts informative yet concise.Keep in mind your comments should focus specifically on the negotiations skills and strategies necessary between these two cultures as if you were assigned by your government or business to lead a negotiations team.
Please draw from your textbook and lecture materials as well as any outside sources you may decide to include. Don’t over-rely on Hofstede….add additional color from other theories of perspectives.
Your  3 follow-up posts should include additional challenges that you  perceive in looking at the negotiating cultures your classmate has chosen. You can feel free to comment on your own culture/country as a  follow-up to another student’s post.
Initial posts by midnight Wednesday and minimum two follow-ups by Sunday midnight. This discussion board post will count as both participation and Case Study #3  and as 10 points toward your final grade. So please regard this as a bit more than just the typical discussion posting !

Varner Chapters 9 & 10  
materials to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4GjC0ipJIA